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Calibrate CO2

The E+E accredited laboratory performs calibrations for CO2 concentration in the range 5...300,000 ppm for all common CO2 measuring devices such as sensors, handhelds, data loggers and spectrometers.

The calibration is performed as comparative measurement with a constant, free selectable CO2 reference concentration generated according to DIN 51898-1. Due to the operation principle of the generator, the CO2 reference concentration can be traced back to length, which is a fundamental physical quantity of the International System of Units (SI). Therefore, the E+E CO2 reference generator is a primary standard.

As designated institute, E+E Elektronik is commissioned to maintain the national standard for gas concentration carbon dioxide (CO2) in Austria.

Scope of Accreditation E+E Calibration Laboratory

CalibrationCalibration conditionsCalibration range*Calibration uncertainty*
NMILabSpecial calibration of CO2 measurement equipment in the designated lab BEV/E+E
AA 0608Lab

(23 ± 5) °C
ambient pressure

5...375 ppm

(6 + 0.55 % of measured value) ppm
AA 0608Lab(23 ± 5) °C
ambient pressure
375...300,000 ppm(6 + 0.23 % of measured value) ppm

* The specifications apply to the mole fraction x in µmol/mol as well as the volume fraction phi in µL/L.

Accredited CO2 calibration

According to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) agreements, only calibration laboratories accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 can ensure the traceability of measurement results to SI and their full international comparability. The accredited calibration certificate states the measurement uncertainty associated to the specific calibration process.

Accredited CO2 calibration certificates are generally required for measuring devices used for safety or for the control of key manufacturing processes. Accredited CO2 calibrations are of interest for instance in the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) regulated industries such as food and pharmaceutical. Reliable CO2 monitoring and control is paramount for biological incubators. In building automation, the accuracy of CO2 measuring devices impacts directly on the efficiency of demand controlled ventilation systems.

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