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Calibrate Humidity

The E+E calibration laboratory is accredited for relative humidity calibrations in the temperature range -70 °C to 200 °C (-94 °F to  328 °F).

The reference is a high-end, sophisticated dual pressure - dual temperature humidity generator, which combined with a stable and homogenous climate chamber provides highest accuracy for the calibration of hygrometers and humidity generators.

E+E Elektronik is also a designated laboratory (NMI) responsible for maintaining the national standard for humidity in Austria.

Scope of Accreditation E+E Calibration Laboratory

CalibrationCalibration objectMesurement conditionsMesurement range*Calibration uncertainty
NMILabSpecial calibration of humidity measurement equipment in the designated lab BEV/E+E
AA 0608LabHygrometer for the measurement
of humidity
Gas flow max. 5 l/min
Air pressure max. 10 bar
Temperature range -40...180 °C 1)
0...98 % RH; -40...<0 °C
0...98 % RH; 0...200 °C

0.2 % RH + 0.6 % of m.v.
0.1 % RH + 0.4 % of m.v.

AA 0608LabHumidiy generator
(z.B. Humor 20) 2)
Temperature range (25 ± 3) °C10...95 % RH(0.15+0.5 % of m.v.) % RH

1) Calibration in the extended temperature range -70 °C to 200 °C (-94 °F to 392 °F) is performed upon request in the designated (NMI) laboratory. Calibration for other physical quantities such as absolute humidity or mixing ratio is available upon request.
2) Wider ranges or dew point upon request

Calibration procedure

Air is generated (displayed) with a defined dew point temperature and a maximum gas flow of 5 l/min in a dual pressure, dual temperature humidity generator. This air stream is passed through a temperature-stabilised measurement chamber and there it produces a defined air humidity level, depending on the temperature, pressure and the displayed dew point temperature.

The humidity generated at the measurement location is determined by measuring the dew point temperature by means of a reference dew point mirror and the temperature by means of a calibrated Pt100 resistance thermometer and used as a reference value.

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