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Calibrate mass flow

The E+E accredited calibration bench is unique in Europe and offers mass flow and volumetric flow calibrations for inline and immersion flow meters at standard conditions in the range from 0.6 to 2300 m³/h ( 0.37 to 1433 SCFM) in pipes from DN15 to DM80 (1/2" to 3").

The pressure in the calibration bench can be set between 1 and 10 bar (14.5 and 145 psi) , which allows for highly accurate calibration under the real conditions in compressed air networks. 

Scope of Accreditation E+E Calibration Laboratory

CalibrationCalibration objectMeasurement conditionsMeasurement rangeCalibration uncertainty
AA 0608LabFlow sensor /
Flow transmitter
0,1 MPa...1 MPa (1...10) bar
at (23 ± 3) °C
Flow rate at standard conditions
(0 °C / 1013 mbar)
(0.6...2300) m3/h
0.003 m3/h + 0.9 % vom MW
AA 0608LabFlow sensor /
Flow transmitter
0,1 MPa...1 MPa (1...10) bar
at (23 ± 3) °C
0.06...245 l/min1)

(for range: 0.06...2.7 l/min)

(for range: 1.9...9.3 l/min)

(for range: 9...46 l/min)

(for range: 45...245 l/min)

1) also for non-air gases

Calibration procedure

The flow calibration system permits the calibration of flow meters with a maximum dimension of DN80 to a "volumetric flow rate at standard conditions".

The calibration is carried out as a comparative measurement. The reference and the test piece are arranged in series. Rotary meters are used as a reference to measure the standard volume flow / mass flow as well as the pressure, temperature and humidity.

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