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Calibrate temperature

The E+E accredited laboratory perform calibrations of temperature measuring devices in the air for the range -40 to 180 °C (-40...365 °F) as well as in dry block calibrators for the range -45 to 425 °C (-49...797 °F).

The E+E on-site service is available for accurate calibration of stationary systems such as furnaces, climate chambers, refrigeration and freezer cabinets.

Scope of Accreditation E+E Calibration Laboratory

CalibrationCalibration object Measurement conditionsMeasurement rangeCalibration uncertainty
AA 0608Lab

Thermometer for
air temperature

comparison measurment in
measuring chamber
-80...200 °C0,03 K
AA 0608LabContact thermometer
(Immersion- and cut-in probe)
comparison measurment
in dry block calibrator
-45...425 °C<23 °C: 0.5 * |t-23| + 28 mK
≥23 °C: 0.22 * |t-23| + 28 mK

Calibration procedure

The calibration is performed for air temperature sensors in a temperature-stabilised measurement chamber at a gas flow of 5 l/min, for contact thermometer in a block calibrator with high precision temperature regulation. The generated temperature is determined using a calibrated Pt100 resistance thermometer and used as a reference value.

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