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Calibration procedure

Upon receipt of the measuring equipment an initial calibration is carried out in accordance with customer‘s specifications. The measured values are documented on a certificate.

If requested, the measuring results will be compared with the specified tolerances of the measuring equipment as part of the initial calibration. If the recorded values for the measuring equipment fall outside the permissible tolerances, the customer may use the information to validate the results of previous quality tests and eventually initiate appropriate corrective action.

At the request of the customer, a quotation will be issued for the cost of repair, respectively the adjustments. If E+E is not able to repair the equipment, it will be either returned to the customer or shipped directly to the manufacturer. Once the equipment has been repaired and adjusted, the measuring values will be documented during the second calibration routine.

Separate certificates are issued for the first and second calibration confirming the measured values ‚as received‘ and ‚as delivered‘.

Calibration procedure