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Which calibrations offers E+E?

Sophisticated metrology is one of the fundamental prerequisites for quality and progress in trade, industry, science, health and environmental protection.
"National standards" are at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of measuring equipment.

Every industrial nation has an authority that provides this measurement standard and verifies its accuracy by international comparison measurements.

In Austria this is the task of BEV - the National Metrology Institute.

E+E Elektronik as a „designated institute" is commissioned to provide and further develop the national standards for humidity, dew point, air velocity and gas concentration CO2.

Thanks to the direct traceability to an NMI (National Metrology Institute), a BEV certificate is of particular interest to accredited calibration authorities.

Based on the agreements between the members of EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation) and ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation), calibration certificates issued by E+E conform to worldwide recognized standards.

Hierarchy of Calibration
Hierarchy of Calibration

Calibration in a designated NMI laboratory

These national standards must be compared with the standards of other countries by means of „key comparisons" in order to be recognized internationally in line with the CIPM-MRA (international Mutual Recognition Agreement).

The BEV calibration lab covers particularly extraordinary calibrations for special humidity measuring equipment.

Due to direct traceability with the NMI (National Metrology Institute), an NMI certificate is of particular interest to accredited calibration authorities.

For the highest measurement authority in a country there is the opportunity to build expertise about the measurement variables. In addition, within the frame of the technical possibilities qualified measurements can be performed beyond the OEKD accreditation.

Calibration in the NMI Laboratory

Calibrations in an accredited laboratory

The calibration laboratory of E+E Elektronik is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, with identification number 0608, by Akkreditierung Austria / Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs.

Accredited calibration certificates document the traceability of the measured values to national standards. The accreditation and the monitoring is performed by Akkreditierung Austria.

Each issued accredited calibration certificate is approved by an authorized signatory. Calibration certificates from accredited laboratories are necessary for measuring devices (such as factory standards)when the measured values have to be traceable.

Calibration in the accredited Laboratory
Calibration in the accredited Laboratory